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Internet Services from Yin Yang Studios embraces all aspects of making you look good online and ensuring your internet presence is efficient and effective. With 13 years experience of the internet, its structure, design and benefits, we are able to offer a broad range of services and insightful knowledge.

‘Although the origins of the internet date back to the 1950’s, the world wide web has only been in public existence for 16 years. In that time, business and commerce has seen a revolution in its methods and practices, transforming the ways we trade and communicate. The world is now a global community with national and international trading available to all. The internet is pivotal to all business operations and cannot be overlooked by anyone wishing to trade and promote themselves.’

In 2010 we will see another revolution in the form of mobile internet and computing. Desktop computing will be a thing of the past for many, with fast delivery of video, news and information available on small, powerful mobile devices. Joined with the rapid growth of Social Networking channels the internet is poised for a quantum leap - we believe the power of the internet has only just begun!

You can benefit from our vast knowledge and foresight of the internet. Contact us today to ensure your internet presence stays fresh for tomorrow.

Website Design - using our talents as graphic designers and our knowledge of the internet we offer a fresh approach to website design. We believe that simple and stylish design is the best way to present yourself - with clean layout and easy navigation, free of gimmicks and unnecessary widgets. This allows visitors to access your website quickly and easily, increasing the chance of more enquires and sales. Making their visit pleasurable they are also more likely to tell other people, bringing more visitors to your site.

For getting your website noticed in the right places we offer full SEO Services (search engine optimization). We also provide full management packages and hosting. From simple five page websites to database driven and e-commerce online shops - we can offer affordable and efficient solutions. For website design, SEO and all other website services contact us for a quotation.

Mobile Internet & Mobile Computing will see many changes this decade with new formats and new technology delivering digital media to the world in faster and more convenient ways. We are passionate about new technology and the methods in which content is distributed. With powerful multi-media cell phones, tablet computers and media players - the options available and ease of use is changing the way people compute, communicate and view digital media and information.

Yin Yang Studios offers clear advice and inventive solutions for all of these devices, from mp3 and mp4 audio and video to custom designed Apps (mobile applications), bespoke mobile versions of your website and mobile advertising. To embrace the mobile revolution contact us for the best solutions.

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Web Video has become the best method to clearly communicate and demonstrate your products and services online. With faster connections worldwide and improved technology, web video is now accessible and affordable. We encode your video to stream directly from your website or we can create your own ‘channel’ on YouTube™ or other similar video portal. With web video integrated into your website you can provide your visitors with the quickest and most immersible way to gather information on your products and services. For more information on Web Video contact us.

Social Network Integration within your website and marketing campaigns is fast becoming the new way to reach your current and potential customers. Social Networking is here to stay and is now used by people of all ages and professions. The differences being, people can now choose the ways in which they gather information. This varies tremendously from one person to the next - not all people ‘Google', not all people use YouTube, some people don't like Facebook but do like Twitter.

It is now the responsibility of ‘forward thinking companies’ to satisfy this need and deliver new content in a choice of formats and locations. You can no longer rely on bulk emails to inform your customers of your news, products and promotions, nor can you expect them to keep visiting your website. By connecting to people in the places they choose to visit allows you to reach far more potential clients, letting people share your news and information when and where they want. In social networks people can easily pass on what they like and then visit your website for more details, appointments, bookings and sales.

‘Share and spread’ is the key, allowing you to build your client base ‘snowball’ style in online communities. This is an excellent opportunity to increase your internet presence at a relatively low cost. Having these other ‘shop windows’ on the internet can also increase your ‘stumble upon’ visitors.

Depending on the type of products and services you offer as well as your future objectives, we can determine the best solution that works for you. Yin Yang Studios offers Social Networking Consultation - by assessing your company profile, products, services and objectives we can provide bespoke solutions for integrating your website and your promotions into the exciting new world of social networking. For efficient solutions that suit you and further information on how to connect with Social Networking contact us.

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