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Video Production Services Spain Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics is all about making graphics ‘come alive’, either for visual impact or to engage your viewers for longer, holding their attention whilst projecting your company image in a colourful and dynamic way. We use powerful 2D and 3D programs to create motion graphics that impress and captivate.

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Presentations, Point-of-Sale Videos and Visual Training are greatly enhanced by motion graphic visual aids - clarifying details, instructions or warnings. This can speed up the intake of information as well as clearly communicating your message with less narration or on-screen text needed.

Banner Ads used on the internet or kiosk benefit greatly from motion graphics, with eye-catching moving content ‘click throughs’ are far more likely - making your ad space more effective.

Idents & Stings are short motion graphic compositions that make a company logo or image. Usually being the first thing the viewer sees they are an excellent opportunity to make a strong and stylish first impression. Used repeatably with all your visual projects they soon help strengthen your identity, ‘sticking’ to the minds of your customers. With a good accompanying audio sting they are the best way to take your branding to the next level.

Title Sequences using motion graphics ensure credits and other information are noticed and remembered whilst keeping the viewer interested. Motion title sequences add excitement and style to your videos or presentations, further enhancing your image.

Lower thirds or Captions are graphics usually placed in the lower area of the screen and are used to identify people, places or objects that appear on screen. Animating the text as well as animated lines, boxes or patterns creates maximum impact with style and professionalism.

DVD Menus using motion graphics can really make your DVD stand out. Taking advantage of the interactive nature of DVD, motion graphic menus enrich the viewers experience - making a normally ‘flat’ menu come alive.

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Yiin Yang Motion Graphics
Video Production Services Spain Motion Graphics
Video Production Services Spain Motion Graphics
Video Production Services Spain Motion Graphics
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